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Acoustic Cafe
Monday Noon-2 pm 
Mostly unplugged rock, folk and blues. Interviews too! Rob Reinhardt is your host.

Against The Grain
Saturday 9-11 pm
Independent punk and hardcore from the ’70s & ’80s, with Uncle Roy.

Album Feature
Thursday 11 am-Noon 
Information is usually posted every Thursday morning on WEVL's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Back to the Country
Thursday Noon-2 pm 
Country music with Ken.

Blues Today
Friday 8-10 am
Contemporary up-tempo blues with Chuck.

Bluff City Barn Dance
Saturday 6-10 am
Bluegrass and old-time from way back then to here and now. With the Ol’ Ridge Runner.

Car Tunes
Monday 4-6 pm
Rock, country and Memphis music with Nancy Apple.

Down In The Alley
Friday 10 am-Noon
Rhythm & Blues from the ’40s-’70s, hosted by Eddie Hankins.

Saturday 3-4 pm and Thursday 10-11 am 
Music from the historic Boulder Theatre in Boulder, Colorado, along with interviews and information about our environment. Nick and Helen Forster, hosts.

Monday 6-8 pm 
An eclectic trickle of musical textures and soundscapes from around the world and somewhere just beyond the horizon. Mary Jane is your host.

Folk Song Fiesta
Wednesday 8-10 am
A wide variety of folk music with Bruce.

Hillbilly Jazz
ednesday 2-3 pm
The best in newer bluegrass, showcased by the Ol’ Ridge Runner.

Memphis Mystery Train
Thursday 8-10 am
Your weekly mix of power pop, local garage and indie, peppered with some classics and oddities, brought to you by Virginia.

Modern Girl
Monday 2-4 pm
Liz plays music by women across genre and era, for everybody (and every body).

Music For Movies
Tuesday 11 am-Noon
Soundtracks, scores, and other film related goodies with Adam.

My Morning Mixtape
Wednesday 6-8 am
The best in new, classic, and undiscovered new and modern rock with Jesse.

My Pet Rock Show
Tuesday 6-8 am
Rock and roll with Chad.

New Orleans Big Beat
Friday 4-6 pm
Musical selections from the Crescent City with Tom.

Night Train
Thursday 9 pm-midnight
Blues, jazz, folk and rock with Steffen.

Off the Record
Thursday 4-6 pm and Sunday 10 am-Noon
Jessica brings you hi-fi and lo-fi highlights and lowlights of indie rock.

Old-Time Country Music Hour
Wednesday 3-4 pm
Real country music from the '20s & '30s with Judy.

Out On The Side
Sunday 8-10 pm and Friday Noon-2 pm
50 years' worth of pop, garage, folk, punk, country, and R&B-oriented rock. Jeremy is your host.

Pajama Party
Saturday 4-6 pm
Eclectic selections of listening confections, presented by Rebecca.

River City Reveille
Thursday 6-8 am and Tuesday 4-6 pm
Country, rock and blues with Melanie.

Rock House
Friday 7-9 pm
Classic rockabilly music with Lonnie.

Songs For My Father
Wednesday 8-10 pm
Mellow jazz with Joyce Cobb.

Soul Stew
Saturday 6-9 pm
Blues, rock, rhythm and soul with Brett Fleming.

South Main Soul Club
Tuesday 6-8 pm
Soul, funk and blues by classic and emerging artists with Bryson.

Strands Of The Celtic Knot
Saturday 10 am-1 pm
Folk music and culture of Scotland, Ireland, Britain, and Wales. Hosted by Robert.

Swing Shift Shuffle
Wednesday 6-8 pm
The best swing, jazz and big band from the '30s and '40s with Tim.

The 1st Church Of Rock!
Sunday Noon-2 pm
Hard rock, metal, punk & psychedelic hymns of the past 40-odd years. Hosted by Eric.

The Best Of Cap'n Pete's Blues Cruise
Friday 9 pm-Midnight
Stone cold blues brought to you by the man who knew them best, Dee "Cap'n Pete" Henderson.

The Best Of Sho-Nuff Country
Wednesday 10 am-2 pm
Classic country music from the WEVL archives with Bashful Bob.

The Clinic
Thursday 2-4 pm
Rock, blues, soul and other music with The Doctor.

The Many Moods of Ben Vaughn
9-10 am Tuesday & 6-7 pm Friday
Rock, blues, jazz, folk, soul, R&B, country, bossa nova, movie soundtracks, easy listening and more, all peppered with host Ben Vaughn's twisted musicological slant.

The Deep Blues Show
Monday 8-10 am and Thursday 6-8 pm
Classic and traditional blues with Steve.

The Modern World
6-8 am Friday
'70s and '80s punk, post-punk and new wave, with Lee.

Through The Cracks
Saturday 1-3 pm and Wednesday 4-6 pm
Contemporary folk, alternative country, adult rock, and everything in between. Presented by Ed.

Tuesday 2-4 pm
Vocal selections presented by Joyce Cobb.

Welcome To The Working Week
Monday 6-8 am
John jump-starts the work week with a dose of good old rock'n'roll.

What Fun Life Was
Sunday 6-8 pm
'90s shoegaze, indie pop, post-rock and more, with Vanessa.

World Music Dance Party
Sunday 4-6 pm
Joyce Cobb brings you music from around the world.


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